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Barefoot SEO has a core team of talented WordPress programmers who can work with you to design the website right for your business. From a simple holding page, to an elaborate E-commerce site, we’ll work with you until your site is perfect. Importantly, this also means perfect SEO. Because this is our precise area of expertise, we’ll design your site from the ground up to rank perfectly in Google. Working with talented graphic designers Alala, we’ve built sites for bankers and bakers, celebrities and corporations. Call us now or email for a quote.

Web Design: Stylish, functional, brand-relevant, highly converting, and a pleasure to browse through. These are basics of successful website design. We use careful planning, industry envied coding, and a hands on approach to design sites which work for both your customers and Google.
Search Engine Optimization: Graphic designers make their sites for human eyes. We make them for the eyes of humans and the Google robots! No matter how great your site, if it can’t be found you’re not going to make money. Keeping this in mind from the ground up, our designers live and breathe SEO. Out of the box, your site will punch well above its weight.


Domain Name:How significant is the domain name you choose for your Website? Many people say it is not important at all, yet we’ve placed number one listings in Google, Yahoo, and MSN for the key phrases that exactly match a domain name much more easily. It matters a lot. We’ll advise you on the best domain name to match your business needs.
Search Engine Marketing:What is SEM and how important is this to my Website? Search Engine Marketing by our definition is marketing your Website through Google Adwords, MSN AdCenter, and other keyword purchasing programs as well as purchasing links, ads, and sponsored listings. We use particular specialists who do one thing only: SEM, to get our customers the coveted top spots. For text link ads etc, we can offer cutting edge advise, and impressive bulk discounts.


Web Hosting:How relevant is choosing a Hosting Service ? Again, this is important in many ways. You need your Website to load fast. If your Website loads sluggishly, not only will people leave without buying anything but google will penalise you in the SERP rankings. You also need to choose a Web Hosting Service that gives good tech support and, if you’ve got more than one site, keeps them on separate class C’s.
Website Promotion: Yet another category with a relationship to SEO and SEM. How important is this category? In our opinion it tops the list. What is Website Promotion? This category includes Article Marketing, Press Releases, Link Popularity, Buying Traffic, Blogging, Forum Posting and more. Barefoot SEO will handle this for you from the ground up, leaving you free to run other aspects of your busines