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A London Based Digital Marketing Agency

Founded by writer Piers Moore-Ede, Barefoot’s been around since 2006, helping businesses succeed on the world wide web. Whether you’re a small one man band, just getting your first site off the ground, or an established brand with multiple e-commerce streams, our experience and acumen can help you. Our team combines some of the freshest talent in the industry, with some folks who’ve literally been around since the birth of the internet. Our range of affordable SEO packages, combined with stylish site design, and meticulously run pay per click, makes us a one stop shop for your digital requirements. Call us now and see why Barefoot are considered one of the industry’s most trusted companies.

Ethical White Hat Linkbuilding and SEO

Working within the Google webmaster guidelines is where our SEO begins. We build safe, trusted links to further your brands relationships on the web, thus bringing you higher up the rankings. We’ll map what your competitors are getting up to, help you create outstanding content on your blog which gains natural shares, and build the kind of high domain authority links which are going to show  Google you’re worthy of one of those coveted top spots.Our sister company Lewes SEO support us regionally, covering the Sussex area.

Pay Per Click (PPC)

While conventional SEO (also known as ‘organic seo’) will certainly generate visitors to your site, it can take time to come into full effect. PPC, or ‘pay per click’ is the term used to describe paid adwords campaigns, of which Google Adwords is the most common. Set up properly, these can drive targeted traffic to your site within a matter of minutes, with the client being charged per click delivered. Barefoot  SEO has long experience with PPC campaigns so that you can make the most out of this powerful resource without wasting time and money. We monitor your average position, click through rate, conversions, and cost per keyword to make sure you’re a head and shoulders above your competitors.

Web Analytics

Correct use of Web Analytics is a crucial part of getting the most from your online business. Getting visitors to your website is really only half the battle: you need to make sure they’re the right visitors, whose needs perfectly match the service you’re providing. Intelligent use of web analytics offers webmasters the chance to understand the way visitors engage with your site, where you’re losing them, and how to improve your conversions. Barefoot SEO pay close attention to: unique visits, frequency of visit, recency of visit and depth of visit to measure the levels of customer engagement. We make sure your site is performing at an optimum level.


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