A Full Service Digital Agency

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Pay Per Click
  • Social Media
  • Conversion Rate Optimization
  • Email/Mobile Marketing
  • Web Analytics and Reporting
  • Local Search

Stylish WordPress Development

  • Professional HTML5 WordPress websites
  • Stunning designs which convert
  • Perfectly SEO Optimised
  • Industry Applauded Coding
  • Quality Assurance Guidelines
  • Constant Evaluation and Improvements
  • Training and Management Options

Content Creation + Marketing

  • Unique branded content creation
  • Award winning writers
  • Infographic/Video/News
  • Cross-channel Engagement
  • Native Advertising
  • Planning & Analytics
  • Deadline driven publishing process

What we do

Guiding small and large businesses through the labyrinth of the internet is our business and our passion. Whether you’re a small bed and breakfast in the Sussex downs with minimal budget, or a large multinational requiring an aggressive web presence, Barefoot SEO are a British search engine optimization consultancy with the skillset and experience to manage your online marketing campaign and deliver you the SEO Services you’ve been looking for. We aim to bring all clients into the critical top three position on Google, so they can see their businesses grow. Long experience in the competitive world of search engine marketing, right from the birth of the internet, has helped us grow with the web itself.

Online marketing remains a growth market, at the forefront of technology innovation, that Barefoot SEO feels proud to be a part of. We see ourselves as industry leaders, and have scores of satisfed clients to prove it. Understanding the Google algorithms, keeping abreast of industry changes, and retaining a passion for organic SEO makes us who we are. As one of the UK’s top search firms, we make it our absolute mission to help our clients succeed.

Pay Per Click (PPC)

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While conventional SEO (also known as ‘organic seo’) will certainly generate visitors to your site, it can take time to come into full effect. PPC, or ‘pay per click’ is the term used to describe paid adwords campaigns, of which Google Adwords is the most common. Set up properly, these can drive targeted traffic to your site within a matter of minutes, with the client being charged per click delivered. Barefoot  SEO has long experience with PPC campaigns so that you can make the most out of this powerful resource without wasting time and money. We monitor your average position, click through rate, conversions, and cost per keyword to make sure you’re a head and shoulders above your competitors.

Web Analytics

Correct use of Web Analytics is a crucial part of getting the most from your online business. Getting visitors to your website is really only half the battle: you need to make sure they’re the right visitors, whose needs perfectly match the service you’re providing. Intelligent use of web analytics offers webmasters the chance to understand the way visitors engage with your site, where you’re losing them, and how to improve your conversions. Barefoot SEO pay close attention to: unique visits, frequency of visit, recency of visit and depth of visit to measure the levels of customer engagement. We make sure your site is performing at an optimum level.
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Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)

ddddsfs Barefoot SEOWeb businesses are almost unique in the level of analysis we are able to bring to the effectiveness and potential shortcomings of any campaign. Detailed software, combined with the right knowledge helps us isolate the exact point at which a customer leaves a site so we can fix the issue and keep them interested. We use split testing tools, sales funnel designs, Google’s Website Optimizer tool and more to radically increase the number of conversions made on your site and ultimately your online revenue. We concentrate on both converting your web traffic into a checkout process, and then converting a greater percentage at the checkout funnel. Equally, getting customers to contact you, register their business details or sign themselves up for your newsletter can be encouraged, improved and tracked using CRO techniques.